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[Out of Character] Jedi Skill Point Issue


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Jedi Skill Point Issue

In-Game Name: Master of the Order Anakin Skywalker

Suggestion: Jedi Skill Point Issue

Reason for Suggestion: The First issue with the Skill points in jedi is the forms so this is what we would like changed

Change all Forms to cost 1 Skill Point each except:
Powerfull down to 5 Skill Point

We want this as the current Skill point system is hard enough for everyone to get levels in and we have already had the Holocrons System buffed to give more XP but is still not enough so everyone is spending a lot skill points just to get stances for different scenarios

The Current way that form tree works is 1st form of a tree is 1 Skill point the second stance in the tree is 2 and 3rd is 3
To get the stances like Powerful Nimble and indomitable you need to but the full list that connects to them to unlock the stance with it currently being

This picture is the current layout on how everything connects so the stance in the middle at the top is powerful which requires 8 Skill points and needs the 2 other rows to be unlocked costing about 20 Skill points.

The second issue is the consular skill tree as its the most expensive skill tree out of all the specs in jedi of Guardian Sentinel and Consular
With Guardians Total cost = 31 Skill points
Sentinel Tree costing = 32 Skill points
Consular Tree Costing = 38 Skill points
So this may not look like a big difference to everyone but when you try to level up in the system and see how long it takes to level up it is very noticeable. So the solution me and the other generals came to is to reduce the Attract Force power from 4 Skill points to 3 Skill points so it follows the force skill point structure as its the only one that is not 3 Skill points worth at the 3rd Position with attract only pulling all objects towards one point which is mostly useless and then force revive moved to 1 skill point as consular are medics in jedi that need force revive to revive people while we still give priority over to any medics that are there but it is basically telling a medic to do there job without having the equipment to do so.

Last thing is for all the new padawans we get in jedi as most of the time start of with 0-5 skill points which is not enough for them to buy the mandatory force powers of absorb and repulse as they are required for them to do a trial to be able to progress in jedi to the next rank and tend to be stuck there till they can afford it to do the trial
The current cost is 1 Skill point for both but leap and meditate cost 0 skill points that are there so changing the repulse and absorb to 0 makes sense as its all mandatory for a padawan to have.

Steam Links: None

Image/Videos Referenced: https://imgur.com/a/oaslrda

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As a representative of the Dauntless Gaming CWRP Staff Team the following Suggestion has been Accepted!

However there is alot more to this. The proposal of having all the forms at the cost of 1 has been denied, however, it will be decreased accordingly.

Specialist trees for Jedi will not be equal and will be made appropriate according to strength of the spec.

There will be no change to basic force powers. Padawan's can earn them like they should.

This will be implemented as soon as possible! 

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