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Trial Moderator Application - Swift


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Trial Moderator Application - Swift

Personal Information

Name: Brad / Swift

In-Character Name(s): WP MSGT 1700 Swift

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:584307190

Time Zone: UK / GMT

Age: 22


General Questions

Punishments: None

Microphone: Yes

Playtime: 3D 8H 52M

Predicted Activity: Everyday. Few hours at a time. (3+). Normally after work.

Previous Staff Experience: Yes I have quite a lot of experience as staff.

1. I used to to admin an old SWRP community back in 2014-16. Was a very successful server but I decided to resign due to college and other personal reasons. However, I used to mentor newly recruited staff members that required certain training and explain certain factors that were expected from them as Staff.
> I used to also host events (will explain in the next segment).

2. During last summer and this summer (so the past year) I used to run and own a rust community that was semi-successful reaching around 15-20 players daily without any real advertisement or anything related. Mainly just hard work and dedication to what I did. I learnt a lot of skills when doing this, such as:
> understanding a little bit of LUA, how to properly config folders to my liking with little tutorials online for rust configs and such.
> maintaining my own staff team
> hosting custom events to keep players happy: such as tournaments where I invested my own money into prizes for players to win. Helping to create a positive community and a fun atmosphere for players to return too

I enjoyed running my own community and server, it was a great experience but unfortunately I had to shut it down to lack of funding and eventually the fall of playercount which sucked cause when my playercount was at its peak I enjoyed the community I created. Everyone moved onto the more established communities.

Previous Event Planner Experience: Yes, as I mentioned previously I used to host planetarys and base-events. Ranging from simple droid attacks with a few BX droids, all the way to big-scale RP events that involved several staff to maintain lore characters in the SW universe that would span over a few days that gave the players a "feel" for a realistic SWRP experience. Well as close as you can get for a roleplay game-mode.

Additionally, I would help suggest ideas to head-event planners alongside my events/planetarys if they were ever stuck on ideas on how or what to do for certain events.


Planetary Event Plan


This event would involve three bounty hunters. At first they would contact the republic to ask them for a face-to-face discussion outside the republic base. This discussion would involve the bounty hunters mentioning of "unique" goods they have recently acquired on a planet which they stole from. At first the BC would see these goods as valuable, as they would be shown to look like freshly designed weapons, or armour upgrades for the troopers. However, what would be on these "goods" would be a unique bacteria that is infested in delusional properties that make troopers fall ill rapidly and turn into crabheads, zombies and so on.

To deal with this, medical troopers would have to be defended while they find answers as to how or why this has happened.

Smaller details of this event could be finding the transport ship of the bounty hunters that can be placed somewhere around the map, in which BC would ask for them to find (as obviously they are BH's so they can't be trusted). A jedi would go along with this search party and use his force to find some clues on what planet they got it from...maybe a planet that was recently used in an infestation planetary or such). This would be found out AFTER the zombies and such have spawned in.

To find a positive conclusion to this event, the bounty hunters would've brought some vaccines hidden deeply in their storage tanks of the ship incase they became affected by the virus before or after the hand-over to the republic.

Extra notes:
> the virus can spread through walls and travel through vents so zombies can be spawned wherever due to this.
> posioneous crabheads can be spawned if the EP's wish to add an "evolution" factor to the virus.


Reason to become Staff

I've been playing dauntless for around 2 weeks now, and I love a lot about the server. The planetarys are really well-thought off and a lot of action takes place. However, some planetaries and Base events don't have much RP which I love to have in events, even for specific regiments. If enough staff are on if I were to host an event I would do my best to make sure the majority of regiments have some RP to do, while also killing enemies. Mixture of both would be good. As I have noticed some planetaries, regiments can be ignored completely.

Additionally, I enjoy moderating stuff and dealing with people whose sole purpose is to ruin other people's experience by their behaviors that they believe don't need to follow rules set to make sure everyone has a fair and fun experience. I have quite a lot of patience when dealing with tough situations, I make sure both sides of the story are heard so a fair and accurate judgement can be made. Of course this judgement can be improved by what you expect on your server and can quickly adapt if needed.

Other than that. I hope you enjoyed my application and have a good day.

My discord is: Swift#4842

If you wish to contact me.

P.S if I require to be more active on the forums I can be. I'm already super active on the discord so being active here should also not be a problem and can bookmark the website to make it easier to maintain activity here.

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