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CWRP Server Rules


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CWRP Server Rules

General Rules

Section 1 - RDM/ARDM
[1.1] Any member of the Grand Army of the Republic is not to kill other personnel without permission from the High Commission.
[1.2] If a member of the Grand Army of the Republic is threatened by a criminal then they can initiate combat, vice versa.


Section 2 - FearRP
[2.1] Criminals have to follow FearRP, they are not allowed to run when a threat is presented in front of them.
[2.2] Clones and Jedi Council Member+ do not have to follow FearRP, this means they can run away no matter how big the threat - if they decide they want to comply, they may.
[2.3] Army Command has FearRP, at least two hostiles need to hold them at gunpoint - with the ratio, AC:Hostile - 1:2.
[2.3] High Commission has FearRP at least three hostiles need to hold them at gunpoint. - With the ratio HC:Hostile - 1:3.
[2.4] When under FearRP, you must listen to the hostile’s commands.


Section 3 - FailRP
[3.1] FailRP is evaluated on a case to case basis not everything will be listed here.
[3.2] As a Clone or a member of the Jedi Order you cannot ally or associate with any Criminal Characters.
[3.3] Sitting on someone's head is FailRP.
[3.4] Talking out of charter in an in character situation is classed as FailRP.
[3.5] Pressing buttons you are not authorised too is FailRP.
[3.6] Using a soundboard is considered FailRP and you will be punished accordingly.
[3.6] Using a voicechanger is considered FailRP and you will be punished accordingly.


Section 4 - NLR
[4.1] Do not use information from when you died to determine your decisions when you respawn.
[4.2] This doesn’t apply if you are revived.


Section 5 - Metagaming
[5.1] Do not use OOC information in character - sources of this may be: chat, scoreboard, names.


Section 6 - LTAP / LTARP
[6.1] LTAP is leaving to avoid punishment when receiving an OOC punishment, for example a warning for RDM.
[6.2] LTARP is leaving to avoid punishment when receiving an IC punishment, for example a demotion for leaving the base.


Section 7 - Powergaming
[7.1] Forcing a scenario where no matter the roleplay of the other party you will win. Example: Roleplaying superpowers, roleplaying fatal injuries when they were only minor to avoid roleplaying with medics, sealing buildings with vehicles or fortifications to prevent entrance of other players, using knowledge of the rules within roleplay.



Player Event Rules

Section 1 - Hostage Taking
[1.1] Criminals that have access to rope or elastic restraints are allowed to take other players hostage - ensure to follow FearRP.
[1.2] Do not leave the hostage for longer than 5 minutes or the hostage can request from staff to be uncuffed.
[1.3] If you have a member of the GAR hostage you can ask for realistic demands such as a vehicle, or credits (maximum of 50,000) - the GAR can deny the offer if the demands are not realistic.
[1.4] The criminal can kill the hostage at any time if they wish to.
[1.5] Criminals are not allowed to kidnap players that are AFK.
[1.6] Criminals are not allowed to kidnap Massiffs.
[1.7] Do not jetpack to transport a hostage.
[1.8] You can only take a hostage every 30 minutes, if you die during the hostage taking then the timer still proceeds.

Section 2 - Raiding
[2.1] You can raid either the Brig or the Vault (Obsidian Cage).
[2.2] You can only raid one location at a time.
[2.3] There must be at least 6 criminals in order to raid - Jawas are not included in this number nor can they participate in the raid.
[2.4] Raid cooldown is 45 minutes - ask staff if you’re unsure.


Character Rules

Section 1 - Criminal Rules
[1.1] You can only enter the base for the following reasons:
You intend to take a hostage.
You have a valid Bounty on an individual.
You are raiding the Vault.
[1.2] There must be at least 15 Republic Personnel in order to play a criminal character (Only, Clones, Jedi and Elite Clone Troopers count towards Personnel)
[1.3] All criminals are KOS if holding out a weapon inside of the base, after given a warning when unarmed they are also KOS.
[1.4] Loitering outside the walls of the base is also KOS once given a verbal warning.
[1.5] There is a 10 minute timer from when you die in order to go back into the Republic Base.
[1.6] When entering the Republic Base there are a series of things you are not allowed to do:
Disrupting a regimental meeting, training or ceremony.
Entering the Cadet Room or the OOC Lounge.
[1.7] You are allowed to steal all ground vehicles, however any air vehicles are off limits.
[1.8] Criminal jobs are not allowed to be played during events
[1.9] Jedi Lightsabers cannot be stolen


Section 2 - Bounty Hunter Rules
[1.1] Bounty Hunters cannot be hired by any Clones or member of the Jedi Order.
[1.2] Bounties have to be placed on a singular individual and has to be for a valid reason - staff can request this information.
[1.3] Minimum Bounty payout is 10000 Credits.
[1.4] All Criminal Characters are to have suitable names for example. John Joe

Section 2 - Neutral Characters
[2.1] You are not to use these characters to minge and you are to act as the character would in the star wars universe.
[2.2] You are allied with the republic force, thus you have to follow their orders and rules.


Section 3 - Service Character: Massiff
[3.1] Do not use voice chat
[3.2] For every Shock Trooper there is allowed to be one active Massif (For example 1 Shock Trooper:1 Massif or 2 Shock Troopers:2 Massifs)
[3.2.1] Exception to this if a CG MJR+ is online the same follows for them
[3.3] Three maximum in the role
[3.4] Follow the commands of Shock Troopers
[3.5] Only jump over obstacles (not randomly)
[3.6] Stay with Shock Troopers at all times unless ordered otherwise
[3.7] Names are restricted to: Massif [rank] [name] - will be explained in your training[3.8] First come first serve, if you're AFK in the role you will be set to your normal job
[3.8] Massiffs are allowed to stun Criminal Characters and Event Characters.
[3.9] Massiffs can be carried vertically by Shock only.

Section 4 - Elite Clone Troopers
[4.1] You're equal to the rank of SGT unless otherwise stated by the High Commission.
[4.2] You are apart of the republic force, thus you have to follow their orders and rules.
[4.3] Do not drop any equipment you buy from the Vendor to other people.
[4.4] You may create squads no larger than three people, squads are to have suitable names.
[4.5] Names are restricted to: [squad] [numbers] [name] e.g. Phoenix 1256 Boris 
[4.6] You're expected to listen to superior rankings e.g. SSGT.

Section 5 - Jedi Order
[5.1] You're not to AFK Meditate (you must be responsive in-game).
[5.2] You may not use Force Judgement as a Jedi General unless you are Plo Koon
[5.3] You may not use Force Choke as a Jedi General unless you are Anakin Skywalker
[5.4] Only Jedi may use the WOS Duelling system, duelling troopers or engaging a duel as a trooper will result in a FailRP warn.

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