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501st Officer Application - Marsh

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501st Officer Application - Marsh

Personal Information

Name: Marsh

In-Character Name(s): CT 0121 Marsh

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:696439492

Time Zone: BST

Age: 20


General Questions

Microphone: Yes

Predicted Activity: Everyday for 3 hours+ (Will need LOA from 1st July to 8th due to pre booked holiday)

Previous Officer Experience: GM Commander
501st Commander
GM Major
Rear Admiral
NI Assistant General
212th CPT
ARC Alpha (ARC Regimental recuriter)


Reason to become an Officer in 501st

I want to become an Officer for the 501st because I feel I would be an excellent fit for the position due to my past experience in leading breaching and assault-heavy regiments. Throughout My years of playing GMod Star wars, RP I've always leaned towards the assault regiments and have over time gained a great understanding of how to do each role with great efficiency. In my time in GM on a previous server, we had the role of breaching and on the 2 separate occasions in the regiment As Commander and MJR we managed to improve breaching in a way that it works on GMod. Even when in other regiments and positions I feel like I generally feel like I know what works and what doesn't with breaching, and what is overdoing it or not. At the end of the day, the role of a breaching company like 501st is intended to be should be quick to not slow down other regiments as normally if we take too long that's when others get in the way and arguments start, this is why I feel like breaking from reality with what you might see in the army is important and switching to a fast-paced structured push is something that I could massively assist in developing and perfecting.

Along with my knowledge of the 501st and breaching, I feel like I have shown in many different cases that I know what is needed to lead a regiment and make it successful 501st, in reality, is a regiment with a giant pull due to its meaning within star wars and its importance making leading it easy if done right, I feel like that I with whoever else is in the position will be able to do that with great efficiency and will hopefully lead to the numbers in 501st surpassing all other regiments currently on the server.

No matter who is involved in the creation of the 501st as an officer I am more than willing to work alongside them, I also know one of the people going for the role and already have a highly successful history with them and know if they get in we will be able to build off one another. I also am more than willing to do the work behind the scenes such as spreadsheet work and Discord admin to assist in the upkeep and structure within the 501st.

On a final note although I am going on an LOA between the 1st - 8th of July I would hope that I am still in contention for the role, although I will not be able to be active within the first week I feel like I want this role in the long run and will be able to step in seamlessly and assist wherever I'm needed.

Any questions feel free to message me on my discord (Pro CSGO Player#1605)

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