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Trial Moderator Application - Wamblez


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Trial Moderator Application - Wamblez

Personal Information

Name: Wamblez

In-Character Name(s): 41st SSGT GCR CTD 9877 Wamblez

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70303956

Time Zone: UK, GMT+1

Age: 17


General Questions

Punishments: No

Microphone: Yes

Playtime: Just over 3 day (I'll update with exact time)

Predicted Activity: Once a day, for at least 2 hours a day minimum, up to 6/7 on average.

Previous Staff Experience: MafiaCity Community Director and Staff Manager
Icefuse Networks MRP Elite Administrator
Rush Server Manager and Community Engagement Director
And a few Minecraft servers that are far too sad to mention. (PM me if you need names)

Previous Event Planner Experience: I was a Game Master(Event Team) Lead while I was an Elite Admin and I hosted multiple events while in the positions above.


Planetary Event Plan


Map to be determined, I'll have to look through all the maps that I have available if I get the opportunity to host it.


Reason to become Staff

I want to be a staff member to help increase the quality of events that are hosted. I also want to help make more creative and interesting trainings for people, not just the standard “Go into a room, shoot NPCs, leave.” I am active, have a lot of experience and have a positive relationship with many people on the server. There are obviously areas that I can improve, but joining the staff team would let me expand my knowledge of the roleplay and staff sides of the server.

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The Dauntless Gaming CWRP Staff Team have voted on the application and have decided we are more than happy to invite you to the team at the rank of Trial Moderator!


Your assigned mentor is currently pending and will be in contact shortly.


Congratulations and welcome to the team!

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