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PAC 3 Rules


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PAC 3 Rules

Any breakage of rules stated here will result in punishment.


Punishment Guideline:

  • First Consequence - Verbal Warning.
  • Second Consequence - Week Temporary Removal.
  • Third Consequence - Permanent Removal.


General Rules:

  • Avoid using PAC3 in crowded areas, if staff clear everyone's PAC3 you are not to re-enable it until told you are allowed.
  • You may not use PAC3 to play music or sound affects.
  • PAC3 camera is not to be abused in any way.
  • Your PAC must make sense in an RP perspective. For an example, Clone Troopers holding a lightsaber would not be prohibited.
  • You may not put images in or on your outfit.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times.
  • Do not give yourself an RP advantage, for example giving yourself a keycard or a pauldron.
  • Do not use PAC3 to apply changes to other characters or entities.
  • Limit the amount of props that are used in your outfit as much as possible.
  • Be sensible with the materials you are using on your outfit.
  • PAC3 lighting affects are not allowed, this includes flashlights.
  • All PAC3 rules are in affect at all times even when the server doesn't hold many players.
  • If a Head Administrator+ believes that something must be removed from your current PAC you must adhere to this.
  • The use of companions are nor allowed.
  • Players cannot use imported emitters, effects, textures or models.


The following need approval from Head Admin+:

  • PACs using imported materials, textures, or animations must be approved by an Head Admin+


The following need approval from a Jedi General+ and Head Admin+:

  • The use of a hood
  • Using a model not in your job (you may not completely change your model)


The following needs approval from the High Commission and Head Admin+:

  • The use of a Cape or Karma on your outfit
  • Using prosthetic limbs (A backstory must be produced)
  • Amending any part of your armour
  • Modifying weapons
  • Using text or effects on your outfit
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