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501st Officer Application - Tes

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501st Officer Application - Tes

Personal Information

Name: Tes

In-Character Name(s): N/A

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123459047

Time Zone: EST

Age: 20


General Questions

Microphone: Yes

Predicted Activity: Everyday

Previous Officer Experience: IE 1st Lt MVG
CPT and 2nd Lt of Clan Akaan on MVG
501st EXO on DG
Overseer on DG Imperial


Reason to become an Officer in 501st

I wanna returned to the regiment I started in from the start and make a big comeback. The way 501st was dealt with was poor with 2 weeks of poor activity ending in my leadership stuck with for a long time and recently with my improved activity I believe I'm ready to make a comeback. The ideas for trainings and such I've made for the regiment are interesting and wanna make this regiment strong and whole. No matter what rank as in officer I start as I want to make a difference and continue where I left off. I understand what will be asked of me to do and I am ready to uphold this rank and make 501st a great regiment. I wanna give the players what they've been missing and see my boys in blue back and at it again.

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- - - = Initiating Log = - - -


- = Credentials: | Codename: Iron | ID: 2661 | Rank: Brigadier General | Stationed: Anaxes Base =-


Representing the High Commission & Republic Generals


Greetings Tes, The Republic Generals casted a vote on this proposal and we have decided to unfortunately DENY your application.

If there will be any further questions or issues please contact a Republic General.

- - - = Terminating Log = - - -

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