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501st Officer Application - Ben

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501st Officer Application - Ben

Personal Information

Name: Ben

In-Character Name(s): GM SSGT 9230 Bobby Dazzler

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155991570

Time Zone: BST

Age: 18


General Questions

Microphone: Yes

Predicted Activity: 7+ Hours a week

Previous Officer Experience: I have been special forces officer in MRP, a GM and 212th CO/Commander on other servers and have experience leading as a jedi knight.


Reason to become an Officer in 501st

I believe I have the forward mentality and the ability to hone the regiments into the venator/bases spearhead at forward assault. I am able to host frequent trainings and tryouts as well as cooperate with other members of leadership. My currently regiment is almost filled with it's officers slot and is transitioning to be the 104th, so I'd like to join 501st to give myself the chance to display leadership and management skills and to protect the glory of the republic.

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- - - = Initiating Log = - - -


- = Credentials: | Codename: Iron | ID: 2661 | Rank: Brigadier General | Stationed: Anaxes Base =-


Representing the High Commission & Republic Generals


Greetings Bobby Drazzler, The Republic Generals casted a vote on this proposal and we have decided to unfortunately DENY your application.

If there will be any further questions or issues please contact a Republic General.

- - - = Terminating Log = - - -

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