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501st Officer Application - Parrapara

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501st Officer Application - Parrapara

Personal Information

Name: Parrapara

In-Character Name(s): CT 3715 Parrapara

SteamID: 76561198093290242

Time Zone: CEST

Age: 19


General Questions

Microphone: As soon as I get one yeah

Predicted Activity: Like every weekend until 17th of June then practically every day

Previous Officer Experience: MVG:

501st Major
NC Captain
NCO in practically all the Regs

Other shitty servers:
2nd LT 212th
Captain GM


Reason to become an Officer in 501st

I enjoy 501st, been it before, wanna be it again because I generally like their kit and it's the regement I find myself coming back to and enjoying longer period of time.

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- - - = Initiating Log = - - -


- = Credentials: | Codename: Iron | ID: 2661 | Rank: Brigadier General | Stationed: Anaxes Base =-


Representing the High Commission & Republic Generals


Greetings Parrapara, The Republic Generals casted a vote on this proposal and we have decided to ACCEPT your application. Congratulations trooper!

If there will be any further questions please contact a Republic General.

- - - = Terminating Log = - - -

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