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501st Officer Application - Lamp

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501st Officer Application - Lamp

Personal Information

Name: Lamp

In-Character Name(s): N/A

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:190273789

Time Zone: UK Time (I'm under Blake's bed)

Age: 18


General Questions

Microphone: Yes

Predicted Activity: Like 4/5 days a week

Previous Officer Experience: MVG - IST Commander
- Something in NI


Reason to become an Officer in 501st

I want to be 501st Officer because I want to return to the server! And I want to come back by immediately helping with bringing this regiment back to life and in something fresh to me. I also believe that I can bring something fresh to the regiment in the way it is ran making it both a serious and fun experience for those who join the regiment, making sure that everyone is reward adequately for there activity, ability and attitude within the regiment. #Make501stGreatAgain

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- - - = Initiating Log = - - -


- = Credentials: | Codename: Iron | ID: 2661 | Rank: Brigadier General | Stationed: Anaxes Base =-


Representing the High Commission & Republic Generals


Greetings Lamp, The Republic Generals casted a vote on this proposal and we have decided to ACCEPT your application. Congratulations trooper!

If there will be any further questions please contact a Republic General.

- - - = Terminating Log = - - -

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