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501st Officer Application Guidelines

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501st Officer Application Guidelines

After each application has been through an RG vote you will be brought forward for an interview at which point you will be evaluated to whether or not we offer you a position. Please put some time and effort into the applications or else it will result in an instant denial.


Officer Application Requirements

Before making an application read the following:

  • Have previous extensive Officer experience
  • Be able to actively play the regiment
  • Have upmost respect for fellow Officers
  • Establish camaraderie amongst your colleagues 


Officer Application Terms/Guidelines

If you are to be accepted these are the following conditions:

  • You are not allowed to transfer out of the regiment for two months, if you are to leave the regiment you will start back as a Private
  • Do not undermine your superiors
  • Respect existing Officers
  • Uphold the training quota [3 Trainings per Week]
  • Attend your weekly reviews



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